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Raising Aspirations

We want students across the Trust’s schools and colleges to understand what is possible for them to achieve, but more than this we want to build their self-esteem and give them with the skills to achieve it.

Central to our mission is pushing students to gain a greater understanding of the wider world, whether that is socially, emotionally, culturally or academically.

By broadening their horizons, we believe that they will be inspired to pursue goals they may have otherwise felt unattainable.

We understand that the direct link between raising aspirations and improved academic attainment is not straightforward, however, we have seen first-hand students’ motivation increase when they can visualise their future. 

An academic platform is obviously not the be all and end all, but what it does provide students with is greater options. In this way we are continuously seeking to provide students with an understanding that what they do today will impact what they can do tomorrow.