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The Pinnacle Learning Trust

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Vision, Mission, Ethos & Values

Our Vision is…

Our vision is of a high achieving and locally-focused Trust with academies in all phases of education. With an understanding of the proud and vibrant communities we serve and a rigorous culture of high aspirations and strong academic performance, our focus is on creating opportunities that are transformational, improving the life chances of all our young people.

Our Mission is…

We seek to achieve our vision with a relentless determination to show our students and others we support, both within and beyond our Trust what is possible by:

  • Expecting excellence and achieving the highest standards for young people; encouraging them to have the highest aspirations for themselves.
  • Providing innovative training to staff so they are the best they can be.
  • Working collaboratively to ensure best practice across Trust schools and colleges and more widely so we continuously learn from one another.
  • Building a portfolio of experiences and network of partners to enrich students' experiences.
  • Providing a strong central services offer to allow leaders and teachers to focus on education.

Our Ethos is…

Our ethos is built upon a desire to create extraordinary opportunities for staff and students that they won't experience elsewhere, significantly improving their chances to progress, achieve and go on to succeed in the lives and careers they want and deserve.

Underpinning our daily activities are our values…

Inspire · Challenge · Celebrate

We aim to:

  • Celebrate students’ uniqueness and support each one to flourish and become responsible, successful citizens who contribute positively to their communities.
  • Offer exceptional learning environments which create positive and challenging spaces that allow students and staff to thrive.
  • Develop outstanding leadership at all levels.
  • Celebrate diversity by encouraging an understanding of our communities, faiths and cultures.