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The Pinnacle Learning Trust

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Support for our academies


We will provide details about our Trust, liaise with senior leaders, Governors and LA/DfE colleagues to discuss options and how best to support you with the process of joining the Trust.

Trust Partnership (‘Associate Membership’) options

It is now possible to enter into a ‘Trust Partnership’ prior to joining a Trust (see the DfE information here for further details).  Subject to discussions between the relevant parties, we are keen to provide prospective joiners with the opportunity to experience a Trust Partnership with us, in order that we both have an opportunity to ensure joining the Trust is the right decision.

Leadership and governance support

We have a fantastic team of highly qualified and experienced senior leaders, Governors and Trustees working across all the phases in our Trust.  We have experience in providing leadership and governance support within and beyond our Trust and can provide help and advice in these areas, both beyond the Trust and for new joiners and established academy members.


Working in partnership with the DfE, we can support schools or colleges looking to convert to academy status alongside joining our Trust.  Having experienced this process relatively recently, including a re-brokerage process, we have senior team members who can help ensure this process is completed smoothly and without disruption to our core business in providing for our students.

Central services

In addition to the services detailed here, our central services team will also help ensure the process of joining the Trust runs smoothly, and that your team of staff is supported throughout this process, so that colleagues get to know one another as part of the transition process.

Due diligence and support with transition

It is vitally important that as part of the process of joining the Trust, both parties complete careful due diligence, both to ensure the decisions taken are the right ones, and to ensure that appropriate support is in place from the start of our formal relationship.  Through links with our central team, and the ongoing external support that is part of the transition process, we will ensure there is careful and clear communication, and timely action at every stage.


The transition process doesn’t end when academisation or re-brokerage is complete.  We believe it is really important that staff are supported with getting to know the Trust and the range of services and support we provide, both through our central services team and our professional development offer.  As a relatively small and local Trust, we will ensure a highly personalised and ‘in person’ approach to all aspects of this process, and will provide mentoring and ‘partnering’ support with colleagues in similar roles across the Trust to help everyone involved feel part of the Pinnacle family as soon as possible.


Whatever your starting point or phase, we have experience and expertise to help ensure your school or college can develop and thrive.