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Working with EMSTH

Our partnership with East Manchester Teaching School Hub has evolved over many years, transitioning through various phases and structures of the "teaching schools" system. As part of a Trust that was previously a teaching school, we played a role in supporting their application to become a teaching school hub, earning a position on their Strategic Board both as a Trust and as a Research School. This enduring relationship has been built on a foundation of mutual support and shared goals.

At the operational level, we contribute to the Hub's newsletters and they actively promote our events on social media. We've also been commissioned by them to develop tailored evidence-informed programmes for their DfE submissions for schools in Oldham and Tameside, such as "Unleashing the Power of the Toolkit." We provide the training offer for Secondary School Subject Network Specialist Leaders of Education and also lead the Assistant Head Teachers' teaching and learning network group, ensuring fidelity to evidence-based practices across different school contexts and that local needs are met.

Our partnership demonstrates to local authorities and schools how co-operative relationships can foster a supportive educational environment. This approach allows us to build new networks and reinforce existing ones without competition. By focusing on shared outcomes, we strengthen the entire community, creating a truly collaborative space. Clear communication ensures that boundaries remain distinct, fostering a truly collaborative, non-competitive relationship that strengthens existing partnerships and paves the way for new ones to flourish.